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Mayfair Jets expands its 2024 flight programme.

Mayfair Jets expands its 2024 flight programme.

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Even before launching its own flight programme in May this year, the airline broker Mayfair Jets is already expanding the schedule.

In addition to many additional services to Egypt, it now also offers its own full-charter flights to Mallorca with Spanish carrier Alba Star. "We are very pleased about the strong demand and will be an top-class and, above all, reliable partner for our partners and customers. We have already planned the first additional flights for particularly popular dates such as Pentecost and the Summer holidays," says Managing Director Vanessa Weisheit. In order to provide the best possible support for travel industry partners and passengers, the team at the Hanover office has also been significantly expanded - particularly in the areas of agency support, sales and customer service.

Passengers are now able to book additional services directly on the new website - from seat reservations and the carriage of sports equipment to special meals. The latter are offered on Nile Air, which operates the majority of flights for Mayfair Jets and also offers drinks and a snack as standard for all passengers.  
In addition to sales as package holidays through tour operators, agencies can now also book directly with Mayfair Jets on CRSs such as Peakwork, Traffics or Schmetterling NEO.
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