Mayfairjets - about us

Service Excellence and Diversity in Aviation

Mayfair Jets offers excellent service and impressive diversity in aviation. Our fleet ranges from luxurious private jets to spacious commercial aircraft. Our dedicated team is passionate about your needs, from personalised attention to perfectly matching your preferences. We emphasise safety and strict standards and carefully select our partners. Mayfair Jets is all about making your flying experience an unforgettable one.

Service & Diversity

Flying as unforgettable experience

When organising charter flights, we only work with providers that meet the same stringent safety standards as Mayfair Jets. Our management constantly reviews our reliable global network to ensure continuity of safety standards and exceptional service for our guests. In addition to "In-Flight Service and Standard" training, Mayfair Jets partner crew members undergo extensive aircraft-specific training to ensure a satisfying experience on every flight. Your travel experience is our top priority. Our guest experience department is eager to adopt "firsts" as they become available, carefully updating our menu and selection of amenities, snacks and beverages. When you choose Mayfair Jets as yours, you'll have the most dedicated, effective and honest staff in aviation on your side.

Full Service

Service & Diversity

Variety in fleet options

Our wide range of private and commercial aircraft offers you the perfect choice for your travel needs.

Service & Diversity

Extraordinary Service

Our team is passionately dedicated to your comfort and preferences to make every flight experience an unforgettable one.

Service & Diversity

Top-trained crew members

Our dedicated crew members are specially trained to provide you with the best possible service and safety on every flight.

Service & Diversity

Luxury and attention to detail

Enjoy luxurious amenities and carefully prepared meals, while we consider every little request to make your journey perfect.

Service & Diversity

Customised service before the trip

Let us get to know your preferences so that we can personalise your trip and exceed your expectations.

Service & Diversity

Safety and partnership

Our rigorous safety standards and selected partners ensure that you are always in safe hands and that your travel run smoothly.